Momia cubierta de oro entre los últimos descubrimientos en Egipto

Gold-covered mummy among the latest discoveries in Egypt

Gold-covered mummy among the latest discoveries in Egypt

Archaeologists say they have found a mummy covered in gold leaf sealed inside a sarcophagus that had not been opened for 4,300 years.

The mummy, the remains of a man named Hekashepes, is believed to be one of the oldest and most complete non-royal corpses ever found in Egypt.

It was discovered in a 15 m (50 ft) shaft at a burial site south of Cairo, Saqqara, where three other graves were found.

One tomb belonged to a "secret keeper".

A tomb found in an ancient burial site south of Cairo

The largest of the mummies unearthed in the ancient necropolis is said to belong to a man named Khnumdjedef, a priest, inspector, and overseer of nobles.

Another belonged to a man named Meri, who was a high-ranking palace official who had been given the title of "secret keeper," which allowed him to perform special religious rituals.

A judge and writer named Fetek is believed to have been buried in the other tomb, where a collection of what are believed to be the largest statues ever found in the area was discovered.

Various other items, including pottery, have also been found among the graves. with information from the BBC

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