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Are aliens coming to eat humans in 2028?

Are aliens coming to eat humans in 2028?

Inexplicable Mysteries, There are some viral comments on the subject of aliens , UFOs, and some legend of events that really produce fear.

They suggest that they come to devour humans, a banquet, that, according to the notes, something similar happened in 1346, so the plague did not exist, in addition to this strange meeting where they allowed the human race to continue living without taking it to the extinction occurred in 1947.

And if indeed that year there was a meeting with extraterrestrials, but to create the M12 project, a non-intervention treaty between ET and humans.

This treaty ended on December 31, 2010. At the time of Stanley Fulham 's death. Who, without being a visionary, left predictions that were fulfilled in accordance with what was dictated by the council of 8.

An exciting topic that will make you reevaluate concepts, you conclude, without a doubt, we are facing the possibility of an encounter with exobiological entities.

In this episode, a journey into the unknown.

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