bible lies

For more than 2000 years, the mind has been imprisoned by an imposed dogma, a blind belief that limits life and existence, trapped and stuck in the supposed existence of a god that is, in itself, the worst current delusion that exists in The humanity.

Only, it is understood, when that cell is opened, giving freedom to the conscience and the spirit, but to do so requires courage, bravery, the desire to be mentally free, breaking the ties is not easy and, even more difficult, giving the He passed.

Dare to take your Bible and read Leviticus 1 and following, but do it by imagining the scenes, you will feel how your mind, your spirit, your soul, contract and release, in just 15 minutes you will be able to empower yourself forever in your life.

Only the brave, those who desire the power to be, dare to do it. Do you feel capable of reading? I guarantee that your life, yes, your whole life will change in a second.

It happens that, when reading this section, if you use your logic, meditate, reconsider, you will realize that you have been deceived, that there is no sin, nor condemnation, with which you have lived and, even less, there is no god, you will have a desire read more to reaffirm what you now see.

Reading the Bible is freeing yourself when you realize that everything has been a vile lie, a mental subjugation for believing, it is time to free your spirit from the imposed jail.

That, although it is always open, for your freedom you have wanted to remain in jail. Here you can read the bible .

This episode will shake your spirit.

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