Weekly Predictions 2023

What will happen tomorrow?

It is the question that stands out trying to discover the future, in the episodes of Radio Kronos World Predictions , a vision for tomorrow , economy, finance, politics, climate, disasters, deaths of important people, earthquakes and events that will mark history .

The ancient oracular art born in Delphi allows opening a window to the future, within the sacred world of the Moiras, the fateful inevitable events that do not obey the human will, the magical Fate , being an extraordinary son of the Moiras and brother of death, It is the force that intertwines destinies, a temptation that induces him to the opportune or unfortunate place and moment, it goes hand in hand with Fate , which is not written and obeys his decisions.

The three forces of the oracle , with them the future is predicted.

Through this original Radio Kronos podcast

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