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Pantheism, the old religion, today there is an awakening to the world of magic, the power of witches, wizards, fairies, goblins, the fairy world, the hidden and powerful forces of the occult sciences. Witchcraft and magic, nature has endowed all beings with incredible powers, forgotten and limited, due to the imposition of religions, a different, invisible force that builds and destroys. Rituals, incantations, spells, the elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water, used in sacred art.

Today, this ancient knowledge is reborn in full force, disguised as marketing and neuroinfluence, witchcraft is an art, whoever knows and applies it undoubtedly dominates their world. Magical dates, influences of the moon, the power of the menstruation, witchcraft and sexuality, in each episode you will learn a lesson to release your inner power. Magic formulas, the art of preparing sacred elements, magic and influence to both build and destroy.

Cons and signs of witchcraft, how to protect yourself, how to do it, in each episode a magical and sacred adventure. The world of dreams The god of sleep Hypnos, twin brother of Thanatos the god of death, has three children of Nix the night, Fantaso, Morfeo and Phobetor, together with the Oniros the revealing dreams.

Nobody knows within the framework of science why dreams occur, but, throughout history, experiences have revealed that dreams are premonitory, have a dream code, a warning, indicate an event, open the door to the phenomenon paranormal Extrasensory Perception.

In dreams, the past is seen "Retrocognition" "Telepathy or leveling dreams" "Premonition or dreams of future events" Along with this, the splitting or out-of-body dreams, erotic dreams, nightmares, dreams of death, apparitions , possessions. In each episode a theme that will make you think about the dream symbolism of dreams. Do you know the meaning of your dreams? Find out on Radio Kronos.

Tao and Chinese philosophy The richness of an old philosophy and true art of managing the mind, the Tao of power, Chinese rituals, Feng Shui, gods and dragons, managing rhythms and life. Episodes that will show you a look at an old philosophy of the Tao, the mental Taichi, the Kun fu of thought. Stories of World Culture In these episodes, an adventure through ancient religions that have been the basis of culture, philosophies such as the Greek of incomparable value, the Sumerian people, the Mayans, African culture and religion, and great thinkers.

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